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Technology has given a rise in the means and options for one to express him or herself through art. These options come in many different forms. Unlike before where most artists are either painter, sculptors or musicians, today the range of options can go from the simple street art and graffiti to paper cutting, calligraphy, and the use of high-end technology in digital painting and sound mixing. This makes it easier for one to find the artist inside them.

While the options are very much available and present themselves readily to everyone finding your unique style to make your mark and become a successful artist can be difficult. When one person becomes good at something, social media quickly spreads the information making it difficult for other beginners to match the already high standards. This can cause people to be discouraged and opt to give up the pursuit of a career in visual art.

Finding your Artistic Style

The key to becoming successful is not in finding what type of art to do, but it is in finding your style. There are many ways on how you can find your own touch in creating visual artworks. Here are some of them.

Take Inspiration

A lot of things inspires many people. It does not have to be always about the cliché concepts of love and affection. Some people draw inspiration from experiences and things that they encounter on a daily basis. Think about what keeps you going and from there figure out how to best infuse that in your art.

Do not Fear Comparison

Some people feel like they have the talent for one form of art but fails to harness it and find themselves because of the fear of being compared to other already established artists. Take Lady Gaga, for example; she began her music and style paying homage to Madonna.


And surely she swallowed a lot of criticism for that when she started but through the process, she found her own style, her own voice and her own brand that is nothing like the industry has ever seen or heard before. Finding your style can be catalyzed by taking your queue from other artists.

Draw from a Strong Emotion

Regardless if it is anger, happiness, love, pain or sorrow, a strong emotion infused in any form of art creates an impact that almost immediately identifies the artist. You can learn the basics and stick to the universal concepts of art but do not be afraid to venture out of these rules especially when you are dealing with emotions. Use how you feel ad let it flow out of your hands and to the project you are working on and when you become successful at this you take one step closer to becoming the artist that you truly are.

Discovering your own style can take some time. Do not pressure yourself to find it right away and give time for yourself to be compared and criticized. These things are tools that will pound on you like a hard metal so you can take form and be yourself.