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In ancient times if you want to be an artist and express yourself in art you either have to be a painter or a sculptor. Famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Pablo Picasso have all made their marks in the traditional art of painting on canvas and sculpting on stones. As time went by more and more means where invented on how one person can express himself or herself in the form of art.

The peak of artistic evolution is the current time of social media where amazing artworks from pieces of scrap put together to form a figure or stacks of crayon and strings artistically styled to create a portrait become trending sensations in a short span of time. At this age and time, it is easy to become famous and known for your artwork especially if you are extremely good.


Technology has given birth to a new breed of artists: The tech Savvy. With the invention of software such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, artists can now take their skills to the next level. It is challenging to work on a canvas and manually blend the colors with the right concentration of water and volume, but it is also very difficult to get the right shades for very specific pixels in a digital illustration. Both forms of art have their own varying levels of ease and difficulty.

The conventional art of painting on cavass can be taxing and exhausting because a single error can easily take you back to square one. This is where digital artists kick some serious completion. If you are working on a digital art, your mistakes and errors can be easily corrected. It is like working on a time machine where it is comparable to drawing the paint from the canvass back to the brush which is obviously something that you cannot do through traditional means.

The classic artists were some of the wealthiest people and most prominent figures during their time because there is a real market for art back then. Today not many traditional artists make a decent living for painting on canvass. This is why some of them had to adapt to technology and take their game to the computer screen. There is a market for artworks in today’s time, and you can see this in the high demand for digital artists in freelancing platforms. Many businesses, small, medium and large, need the skills of artists to create logos, banners, and advertising ads to attract their target market and increase sales. Without becoming tech savvy though you would not be able to compete in this arena.

So the answer to the baffling question of who is better between the classic artist and the tech savvy is they are equal and the same. Their skills and the challenges they need to overcome are on equal but varying degrees. Both types are artists that exist in different times and use different mediums but are still motivated with the same goal of self-expression.