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Some people think that artworks are only for the rich people who have the time and resources to spend on expensive pieces to hang in their living rooms. People with such thinking have a very narrow and close-minded view of what true art is. Art is limitless, and it does not set any rules and boundaries. Through the years the evolution of many forms of art gave rise to modern artists paving their own names and reputation in this colorful industry.

Modern society has found a lot of use for art. It is no longer a piece that only the royals get to enjoy and own. The true value of art is not about the artist or the artwork itself, but it is on how it impacts the people who see and experiences it. Everyone would agree that Britney Spears is a household name when it comes to pop music, but even someone of her status had crappy songs that didn’t land the top spot in the charts. Only the artworks that create an impact to the one looking at it are the ones that make a real mark raising their value to the roof.


In the field of psychiatry, art is now used as a form of therapy. People who have repressed emotions and who are finding it difficult to express themselves through conventional mediums of communication use art to identify themselves. Art allows people to express their thoughts and ideas without limit. Psychiatrists also interpret patient’s artworks and use them as a tool to identify the current state of their mental and emotional health.

Artworks have made their way to advertising as well. Many professionals called artists now work on the queue and order. The demand for high-quality artworks to be used for product marketing has continued to increase in the past year. With the coming of social media, artists take the spotlight on becoming the central element that can make a business build their mark in the minds of their target customers.


It is no surprise that art is something that children should be encouraged to engage in. The power of art in children lies in the fact that it unlocks their inner creativity fostering a favorable environment for mental and personal development. Art is also now used as a means of diagnosing personality types of children. Law enforcement may find it difficult to extract information from a child who became a victim of violence and abuse. It is through the use of art that pediatric victims can air their side and express their plea for help.

The use of art and its forms have continued to evolve and increase these past few years. It is expected to continue to increase and evolve in the coming decades and centuries. There is no doubt that art will now be infused to more aspects of human lifestyle and existence.

Whether or not it is for the better is something that only time can answer.